My favorite fruit place to visit!
This place is amazing.... love the crazy apple. The aguas are so good. Recommend any day.
We picked up snacks from this cute little restaurant Saturday evening. We made it just in time before hey closed up shop! This is a small little place, but hey have a TON of menu items! I ordered the pineapplenada, and my husband got the mangonada. I might be misspelling those - sorry! Basically, these are fruit slushes with chunks of fruit, chamoy, and Tajin. They are served with a tamarind wrapped straw. My pineapplenada was so good. It's freakin' HOT out, Y'all, and this was perfect. Ice cream sometimes sounds good to me when it's hot out, but I always feel kind of gross eating dairy when it's hotter than Hell out. I don't know, that's just me. But this was nice and refreshing, and the chamoy and tajin combined with the pineapple were perfect. In total, we spent $6 each for the drinks. A little high, BUT it's fresh fruit, freshly made upon order, it's different than anything else around here (that I'm aware of), and it's a local business. The employee that took our order was friendly enough (like I said, we cut it close timewise), but the cook who prepared our order and brought it out was super nice. The restaurant is small but it is comfortable and clean. They have a lot of food options, but all of the fruit-based, and they also have a good selection of Mexican candy. I'm actually excited to go back to try something else from there =)
This hit the spot on a hot humid day. Fruit Barn deserves 100 stars. Nice friendly staff. Clean place. And the service was perfect. Thank you. I'll recommend you to all my friends
Great company. Owners are wonderful ppl and great friends
I always order the extreme fruit cup. I've never been disappointed.
It's great. The chicken sandwich is great usually don't like chicken salads I like tuna salad but it's great thanks
This place is awesome, the fruit is always fresh and everyone is friendly. It's a must stop, if you are in Portland.
This is my favorite fruit place. We ordered a bowl for the office the next day & it was a hit. Fresh fruit & vibrant colors. Thank you fruit barn.
I love the fruit cups but man oh man the chicken salad is to die for!
This was my 1st time buying. I ordered a regular fruit cup & sum apple nachos since it was a snack on the way to pick up my kids from school. Being impatient and all hangry, I dug in2 the fruit cup immediately and it was delicious. Fresh fruit till the end! Arrived at the school, parked and decided to dig in2 the apple nachos since I normally arrive early. Mouth explosion of yumminess! Definitely coming back!!
Saved my fruit craving!!! Thank you!!!! The fruit was fresh and ripe! Thank you for offering a healthy alternative.